Program Management

Printing and Program Management Description

Experienced Direct Response Program Managers serve as your single point of contact and the direct link between you and the successful completion of your campaign.

Closer to the Process with Less Stress

Direct response campaigns require tremendous attention to detail and careful management to ensure schedules and budgets are met. Paper, postage, printing techniques all these decisions impact your ROI – leverage our expertise to help manage your budget.

Short handed? Or hands-off!

Whatever your situation or style, IBS Direct Program Management helps make your job easier, whether you are new to direct response or working harder than ever. When you work with IBS Direct Program Management the goal is simplicity – you gain immediate control over the production process without the hassle. Your Program Manager is your single point of contact and provides proactive recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your campaign. Unforeseen problems are identified and your Program Manager handles any last minute changes in-house.

If your campaign needs additional resources, your Program Manager has access to the full IBS Direct Team of strategic planners, marketing experts and creative talent.

Large campaigns or small projects, our bottom line is your success. Your IBS Direct Program Manager will soon feel like an extension of your own team – and we couldn’t be happier to share in your success.

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